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Transform your text-based content into profitable audio files at a tenth of the cost of using human narration. Contact us for a demonstration and a cost/profit discussion, including white label opportunities.

​Why Synthetic Audiobook™ Files Are Changing The Industry?

Synthetic Audiobook

​Audiobook content continues to be in high-demand. Unfortunately, for authors of amazing books, the opportunity to create an audiobook is deterred by the high costs, difficulty of production and long-term contracts.

​Characteristics of A Synthetic Audiobook?

​​Synthetic Audiobook files are a brand-new media category created to offer authors a lower-cost, high-reward entry into the audiobook marketplace. ​It is estimated that only 1-3% of books are in audiobook form. ​If you have one million books in your platform, you are missing out on potentially adding hundreds of thousands of new titles to your library.

  • ​Lower cost for listener 
  • ​Lower cost for author
  • ​Helpful for blind, low-vision and disabled listeners
​Have audiobooks

​The Opportunity

​Most authors don’t have the funds, or expertise to create a human narrated audiobook. Synthetic Audiobookfiles are for authors who already DO NOT have an audiobook who wish to explore the market at a low-cost solution.

​​The Average Cost To Produce A Human Narrated Audiobook is...


​​Synthetic Audiobook™ files cost $299 and can be produced in days (or less). Imagine adding hundreds of thousands of new files to your platform. Contact us to talk about it.